Jul 12, 2012

Too spicy for the pepper: 100£ ASOS Blogger Challenge

The Discount Coder Blog's £100 ASOS Blogger Challenge

Superga wide flat shoes

Since I don't usually make these 'I wish I was wearing' kind of posts, you may well ask yourself why this funky mix of ASOS items is assaulting your eyes right now. Well to answer that question: it's my entry into The Discount Coder Blog's 100£ ASOS blogger challenge. These three pieces from my list of saved items add up to a little less than £100 but pack a whole lot more punch, if you ask me! Together, they make up the outfit I wish I was wearing whenever I'm secretly pretending I'm the long-lost Spice Girl: Funky Spice. P.S. If you're reading this in Google Reader, please excuse the spam. I'm a Polyvore novice who obviously didn't get it quite right the first couple of times.


Arden said...

I love the pants! xx

Sam said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog, thought I'd check out your asos challenge too :)

I love what you've come up with, especially those funky trousers, definitely an outfit that would get you noticed!


Eleanor said...

I love that you based your outfit on being a Spice Girl, such an awesome idea. So creative.

Eleanor x