Jul 24, 2012


dress+shirt+bag 2ND HAND sunnies ASOS belt FRENCH CONNECTION sandals MARGARET HOWELL

It was disgustingly hot today. Hence, the short, sleeveless dress. I did also layer an embroidered lace shirt underneath it, though. To cover up. Because I'm a prude.

If you're wondering at the nightmarish foot fetishist vision behind me, Copenhagen's in the process of having its metro system expanded upon, which means a lot of construction spaces scatter the city like open wounds. The sites are surrounded by protective walls, which are used as art spaces. I live close to this site.

Carefully standing in front of the future or some gateway into another dimension. C.a.r.e.f.u.l.l.y.


Daniella said...

You look so chic! I love your sleeveless dress and It looks even better with the lace shirt underneath! Ooo and I want your sandals :)

Take Care, Daniella xox

Miss Kwong said...

you have style ! i absolutely love your outfits.

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Jony said...

Pretty outfit, love the way you wear that sleeveless dress on top of a sheer blouse. And the second picture is funny!

Annushka said...

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Cute photos!

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Milex said...

such a pleasure to look at you :)

Marlena said...

haha "because i'm a prude". i do that all the time too! i feel like just slapping on a dress is too boring, i always need some sort of layering. and this is so cute :)

Sophia// dearreina.com said...

I can't resist a bit of layering, even in ridiculous temperatures..! You look great anyway <3

Thea vintage said...

This is such a fun and perfect way of styling! Love that shirt under that dress. I often find it hard wearing sleeveless clothing! But know I know the way to do it! Thanks ;-)