May 30, 2012


Monday was a bank holiday, so I enjoyed the luxury of being able to spend a third day outdoors, just kicking back in good company. The dress I wore is new; thrifted last month for its graphic pattern and pretty pleats. It's very fifties hausfrau and has the grooviest German label:

Until my dream sandals go on offer and I can press "buy" with a clear conscience, I'll have to put another spin on the dress than 'sweet.' It being the first time I wore it, I started out with a nineties take on it, teaming it with my brown docs, a thrifted H&M (L.O.G.G.) jean jacket (speaking of which: what is it with Trinny and Susanna and their irrational hate for this garment?) and my ASOS sunnies. My friend C's boyfriend commented that I looked like someone out of Detroit circa the beginning of the nineties, which is the best comment I've received about my clothes in a good while. It's so gratifying when people read into what I wear on the days I've actually made an effort getting dressed. It definitely beats the odd (albeit sweet) "nice dress" or "you dress like a hippie" (??). Anyway, now it's Wednesday and the weather's been grey these past two days, so I'm back in plain old jeans, big shirts and boots. Laters.

May 28, 2012


Outfit pictures seem to be rolling out of my sleeves these days; let's hope I don't jinx it by observing it in writing. This is me on Sunday wearing another Christmas present: the Wood Wood shorts I blogged about last December. It's the third time I've worn them since the arrival of summer, and I'm loath to report that each time has been filled with the discomfort of having annoying seams irritate the flesh around my stomach to the point of delirious itchiness. But since the shorts were bought in December, I can't return them, and so I keep on pressing on, bravely getting as much wear out of them as I possibly can without losing my mind (I'm looking at you, Wood Wood). Feeling matchy-matchy when I was dressing, I decided it was time to match the colour of the squiggly flower print on the shorts with my shirt and belt. I love matching my shirt with my belt; it doesn't feel as obvious as matching your belt with, say, your shoes or your bag.

Whenever I button my thrifted red Cacharel shirt all the way up, I secretly feel like I belong in Kraftwerk. Perhaps I ought to keep a look-out for a straight black tie in the charity shops, just so I can be even more literal in my references. Black and red are awesome together. (But so is red and blue.)

Perhaps to soothe my shorts troubles, I also did a little cheap shopping on Sunday. These viscose Motel shorts cost me 10 squid at a flash sale on ASOS.

I forgive myself.

May 27, 2012


I got these Wolford Bonny Dot Tights for Christmas and have been waiting for the right moment to wear them ever since. Apparently, that moment arrived yesterday when I went to a show at a near-by fire station with the kid and the dude. I love dressing on the weekends; I don't have to consider how my clothes will be decoded in professional situations and can wear whatever I feel like wearing. Yesterday, confetti was what I was feeling.

As you can see, the show at the fire station was a raw exposition of power. Man and fire hose combated fire and came out on top.

We also got a free fire helmet. I'm not quite sure how we've managed to live without it these past 20 months or so.

After nearly a year of fumbling around in front of the camera with tension showing pathetically in my hands, some of you may have noticed that I now master one pose. I even manage to strike a self satisfied smile over this slow but nevertheless extraordinary progression (slow and steady wins the race!). Perhaps it's my new vintage docs that I still wear more or less constantly. The constant wear, however, also means that my two pairs of black boots are in what appears to be a prolonged time-out. In my defense, I did try on both pairs of black boots before leaving the house, but decided the brown docs were the best match. Jealousy is slowly making itself known on my shoe shelves. The printed dress is from the high street store Monki but made its way into my wardrobe via my local charity shop. It's made out of viscose and feels lovely on a summer's day. The pink blazer is also thrifted and used to have a big plastic gold button attached to it (see HERE) that I finally tore off yesterday. The sunnies are current, from ASOS and already favorites. The lens is horrible to look through, so I'll definitely be adding a pair of quality sunglasses in the same style to my 2013 shopping list. This pair will definitely die this summer.

In spite of the missing, mismatched stockings, I have to say that I felt more like Pippi Longstocking than anyone else yesterday. I didn't mind one bit.

May 26, 2012



Summer's here, so the tights are off! And no socks too! Well, actually I'm cheating with a pair of ballerina socks. Anyway, I wore this attire a lot last summer, and I was quick to revisit it when the weather finally warmed up. Having worn my autumn coat for most of spring, I still can't believe it's actually summer! In spite of my profound disbelief, the sun still managed to shine shamelessly all week, and today I'm gonna kick back in it with people I love.

May 15, 2012


There's a lot of new old stuff happening in this picture which, incidentally, is a pretty accurate reflection of what's happening on my clothing racks these days. Last week, for example, I took home an entire bagful of stuff from my local charity shop. This skirt and cardigan were among these treasures. I've been wanting to add a good quality light grey cardigan to my wardrobe for years, and with this cotton specimen from British heritage brand Henri Lloyd, I can finally say that I have. I can't say that I've been wanting to add a skirt like the one above to my wardrobe for years though. Hanging on the racks it looked positively ugly (yet alluring), and I'm not even sure I think it looks any better or worse on (but obviously still alluring). Even still, something about its offbeat aesthetic obviously spurred me to get it and put it on anyway, in spite of my qualms. It helps, of course, that it's got awesome side pockets too - placed just right, so I've got somewhere to stick my hands to prevent myself from fidgeting too much in awkward situations. I haven't been able to procure any information about the brand, which according to the skirt is called L33. So if it rings any bells to anyone, please do tell. Last but not least, I've finally managed to get my grubby little paws on a pair of brown boots! Scouring ASOS' Marketplace a couple of weeks ago, I came upon this pair of vintage Dr. MartensThey're all I've worn since they came in the post. Boot bliss.

May 11, 2012


This morning as I was checking out the new stock on ASOS, I came across a Disney sweatshirt that I clicked on to check out, although I knew I'd never get it. Looking at it, I quickly realised that the sweatshirt had been styled with a pair of matching sweat pants in some of the pictures, and unlike the sweatshirt, those pants made the loose change in my pockets jingle gleefully in response. I was not able to locate the pants on the site, however, but I predict it's only a matter of time. Why am incessantly drawn to silly things? (That was a rhetorical question; I actually know the answer to that question.)

Picture via ASOS

May 9, 2012


I've been wearing the same thing over and over again this week. Monday I paired my red Black & Brown London belt and my thrifted Acne jeans with my thrifted red Cacharel shirt. Yesterday I paired the same belt and trousers with my thrifted black linen Sand shirt, and today -- drumroll -- I decided that the bright green of my thrifted Bruuns Bazaar shirt would look smashing against the red. I'm officially obsessed with this button-up look.

Another thing I seem to be obsessing over lately is shoes. Big time. There's just so many nice ones out there. Today, I discovered these rose gold metallic leather sandals from British high street giant Topshop and it was love at first sight. But I'll prioritise and be sensible. Nothing wrong with a bit of shoe love though.

May 8, 2012


I'm pretty hooked on these thick sole orange and marine stripe peep toe shoes, and their cheap price tag is making me seriously consider getting them. They're so cheeky and fun! I might just get them next month, if they're still available. I came upon them here.

May 7, 2012


Today I wanted to wear my red croco effect belt from Black & Brown London with a golden buckle. I love golden buckles. Perhaps it's because I can't wear anything gold next to my face - unless, of course, I mean to drain it from any hint of liveliness and colour - that I often try to make sure I wear gold other places. You know, to compensate. Anyway, I matched the red belt with my thrifted red Cacharel shirt and my thrifted Acne jeans. When I threw on my thrifted gore-tex Mulberry jacket and my black chucks to leave the house, I felt the right combination of shabby chic and bad-ass. What a way to walk into the world.

May 4, 2012


Went to the burbs today, sporting a fifties silhouette, but the silhouette was pretty much the only thing fifties about what I wore - that and my thrifted navy skirt anyway. Although the cut of my striped Silence + Noise cardigan fits the skirt perfectly, you see, its hopelessly modern print clashes with the time capsule skirt. I'll be keeping an eye out for a similarly cut cardigan in a solid colour for a more authentic experience, preferably cashmere and perhaps even in some sickeningly sweet pastel tone like mint.

Also wearing my beloved studded Creeks brogues from Paris as well as a pair of House of Holland for Pretty Polly tights. Obviously, I just dressed for the silhouette today; the colours and patterns are totally out of context. Fifties wannabe disguised as rebel. Cough, cough. Obviously, style gets better with age as you slowly build your wardrobe.

May 3, 2012

HOWEVER (staying on the topic of black shoes)

This pair of Junya Watanabe derbies reminds me why I shouldn't buy into creepers any time soon; they're not the black flats I want the most. In my heart, I really want a pair of dapper, glossy black derbies, and preferably a bit odd looking, as in the above. Unfortunately, the shoes are second hand and thus only available in an uncomfortable half size too small for me. And so I keep waiting for the perfect match.

I found the shoes and picture here.