Dec 25, 2011



I've just got time to check in quickly with this picture of the jacket I thrifted a couple of days ago and my new Nikes. Next stop: South!

Dec 24, 2011


Yesterday, I stepped out to get my hair cut and stopped by a Red Cross charity shop on my way home. I got a sea green belt for 15DKK because its golden buckle is fantastic:

I also got a dark blue-green-and-yellow checked jacket for spring:

It's made of wool and viscose and cost 65DKK. The shoulders on the jacket are quite exaggerated, but unlike this blazer, I think it actually works here, since it's kind of shaped like a varsity jacket. I must have about a squillion jackets ready for spring by now.

But first things first. Right now I'm preparing to go yuletide holiday mental and will be traveling both south and north to be with family, so if things seem extra quiet around here, it's simply because I'm busy getting into the Christmas spirit with my nearest & dearest! Happy holidays!

Dec 23, 2011


Here's a recent photobooth picture of me testing out my Eley Kishimoto for Weekday cardigan's potential as a dress. I wore the cardigan to the point of excess last winter and it's nice to be able to resurrect it as an altogether different garment this time around. Its stripes are an exercise in perfection.

cardigan dress ELEY KISHIMOTO FOR WEEKDAY lilac knee high socks ASOS

Dec 20, 2011


In other shoe news, these Nikes arrived today:

Although technically a christmas present (that's why you have to make do with YOOX's product picture), I managed to sneak in a test try which concluded happily in me finding them nothing short of amazing (I mean, electric blue and gold, hello). What is more, they are also severely discounted (45€).

If you like these fly mother effers as much as I do, there's still a few left here.


I never received a newsletter heads up or anything, but earlier this evening I noticed that the UK NET-A-PORTER sale is finally on - and - lo and behold! - the bottle green Shannon shoes from Church's that I've been pining, lusting and longing for since September are now on sale. 

That, of course, would have been fantastic shopping news to me, had my size not sold out already in the beginning of December.

Oh yes.

We'll leave that standing for a moment.

MAJOR shoe crisis.

I've been making imaginary outfits with these babies for so long now that they seem an utterly and completely indispensable part of my wardrobe. My sense of loss is so bad that I keep considering and reconsidering going up a half size just to be with them. Other than that, my only hope is that out of the three pairs they had left not too long ago, at least one is a Christmas present destined to be returned.. Entirely possible, yes, universe?

Dec 17, 2011


I'm still here. The reason behind my long-ish silence is that I caught the flu. Not feeling up for much more than just passively lying around whimpering, I spent the time getting acquainted with the British sci-fi comedy-drama Misfits.

A sort of a hybrid between Human Traffic and Heroes, the series revolves around five young delinquents who on their first day of doing community service get caught out in a severe thunderstorm that grant them all special powers. Out of the five, my favorite's definitely Kelly (second from left). That chick packs some serious attitude.

Dec 7, 2011


I love these tights, but I think I have to be sensible and prioritise. Ahh!--but look at them!

Picture via ASOS.

Dec 4, 2011


Yesterday, I went to a huge indoor fleemarket to try my luck and came home with these two sweethearts:

Lecomte sweater DKK150: Adding a much needed touch of pattern and bright colours, this winter necessity is a welcome addition to my sweater collection. Dark winter days, get ready to be set alight by me and my sweater!

Proenza Schouler for Target waxed jacket DKK130: My heart skipped several beats when I hit this one somewhere down the 200th rack. I've wanted a yellow raincoat with a hood for years, but just never happened upon the right one. Until now, that is! In Europe, we also don't have access to the Target designer collaborations, which just adds to the magic specialness of having found it. The jacket is a classic in my book, and I've been losing myself just staring at it since yesterday.

Dec 1, 2011


It may officially be the first day of winter today, but that doesn't mean that I would dream of denying myself the pleasure of drooling and obsessing over shorts! Far from it, I've scouted some pretty good deals out there, and the following three pairs have totally made my Christmas wish list:

I've had my eyes on these Wood Wood shorts ever since I saw them shimmy down the catwalk last winter. Now they're heavily discounted (60%). I soon need to make my way up to the physical shop to try them on. Get them here.

However, for just over the double the cost of those Wood Wood shorts, I could get (err.. or get given) these silk paper chain print Peter Jensen shorts in stead. They'd be no less than excellent for print clashing. Click to find them.

Finally, I've mentioned them before and I'll mention them again: these lilac shorts from Antonio Marras are just tailored perfection in my eyes.

And there you have it! So here's to finding shorts with your name on them neatly wrapped up and waiting for you in the shade of the alluring Christmas tree!

Edited to add: My eyes have been deceiving me - the Antonio Marras bermuda shorts are pink, not lilac.