Sep 28, 2011

Autumn List Update

This past week has been very effective in terms of meeting my autumn list of bare necessities. Yesterday I stopped by the Weekday store and got myself a pair of black Cheap Monday jeans with a 25% discount, and a couple of days ago when I was getting out my winter coats from a storage box, I found a white American Apparel t-shirt with a round neck. I'd put the t-shirt away when I was too pregnant to wear it and had since forgotten all about it. That's two out of four items crossed off the list already, and it's not even October:

  • High waisted black jeans.
  • White t-shirt with a round neck.
  • Gloves.
  • Belt. Black, brown or navy.

  • Apart from that, only one extracurricular item too fabulous to pass over has managed to sneak in, namely, the aforementioned pair of bingo ball tights.

    From these meagre spendings, I think we can safely conclude that, at least so far, this autumn's turning out to be very good to my battered old wallet!

    Sep 25, 2011


    Emma Cook's printed garments have a history of casting irreversible spells on me. I've already blogged about my crush on her bead and shell print dress here. For reasons unfathomable to me, the dress has been available at a reduced price right here for what seems an eternity. I haven't bought it because I'm trying to fill holes in my wardrobe and so must prioritize. It's not all woe, though. One of Emma's jellyfish print t-shirts  did manage to move into my wardrobe this year:

    The blouse is definitely adding a little bit of much needed magic to the drawer containing my t-shirt collection. I use it mostly for layering on top of printed dresses, like today when I managed to lap up a bit of autumn sun:

    sunnies MARC JACOBS

    But is it enough for me? Obviously not. Especially not when Emma keeps churning out fabulous pieces left and right. And now that fall is upon us and the stores are flooded with new stock, I, not surprisingly, have found myself a new Cook obsession. Move over leopard and snakeskin, I give you the deer spot print shirt dress:

    Emma, you make my heart ACHE. And it doesn't help that those sleeves have the perfect length either. Also, compared to the bead and shell print dress, I convince myself that this one is infinitely more wearable. Good for summer, good for winter, good for daytime, good for night time. Good for any old time really. Just GOOD.

    Sooo. Anyway. Get it here. But then again, please don't. You'll make me sick with envy.

    Sep 24, 2011


    Minimarket just opened up a webstore and to celebrate they're giving out a 10% discount + free shipping with the discount code: SYTIPANOO. Since it's my birthday in a minute, I naturally surfed by to see if I could find some birthday wishes among their AW11 collection inspired by Vikings and Valkyries. As a result, I fell a little bit in love with a pair of colour block brogues:

    And also took notice of an orange blouse, which, unfortunately, is 100% polyester:

    I'd like an orange top at some point though. Get the shoes here and the blouse here.

    Sep 23, 2011

    Thrift Store Harvest

    Yesterday I passed by a thrift store and couldn't resist taking a peek inside. I found two things to take home with me (click to enlarge):

    Jean jacket 25 DKK: I've been looking for a jean jacket cut this way to wear with dresses in the summer for a good while. Happy hibernation in my closet, little jacket!

    Pink blazer 30 DKK: I'm always looking for new jackets in new colours and pink is a new one on me. It has the perfect loose fit and the sleeves are cut just above the wrists -- lovely! I had to cut out two gigantic shoulder pads that made me look as big and square as a male Russian swimmer though. Also the "gold" button is plastic, so I wouldn't mind changing it out with a big brass or other golden metal button. Any suggestions as to where I might find one in Copenhagen?

    Sep 22, 2011

    A (Mis-)Match made in Heaven

    One of my favorite add campaigns this fall definitely has to be Helena Bonham Carter shot by Jurgen Teller for Marc Jacobs. Could he have chosen a better muse? In Jacobs' sleek, buttoned-up styles, Helena's off-kilter eccentricity seems to echo that special variant bred in upper-class environments where titles and names have great significance. Her grimacing as well as the dotted gloves and little hats all add the important finishing touches of kook. She's like a long-lost sister of the Mad Hatter. Only more wealthy. And coupled with Teller's raw, overexposed style, the weirdness gains that unfiltered quality that makes her character seem almost believable, almost real. Great inspiration!

    Picture via: left my heart in paris

    Sep 21, 2011

    for more than keeping your toes warm

    Many years ago I was sharing a tent with two girlfriends at Roskilde Festival. Two of us came early in the week to set up camp and hang out, while the last one came a few days later. We weren't there when she arrived, but she said afterwards that when she'd peeped inside our tent, she'd had no problem discerning who was sleeping where: my rainbow pile of socks had revealed me!

    I've had a thing for socks for a long time. It crept in somewhere during my early teens when I first started experimenting with clothes and it just stuck. It's kind of hard to go back though; I really think the right pair of socks can elevate an outfit. I'm thus always on the look-out for a great pair of socks.

    The grid socks above are the most recent socks to grab my attention. The price is okay too. Get them here.

    Picture via: ASOS but edited by me.

    Sep 20, 2011


    Acne's SS12 collection is everywhere right now. But who could blame a style blogger for publicly displaying her love of a collection of Moroccan inspired urban styles in popping bright colours and loose airy silhouettes? Not me! The point of this post, however, is not to showcase the looks I found particularly alluring in this collection (although there were several). No, what I want to draw your attention to with this post is a particular skirt silhouette that looks strikingly similar to this, my own Acne skirt, which I got for a steal on Yoox last spring and which I ended up wearing to both of the summer weddings I attended in July. It's a bit of a story with that skirt, because I actually thought it was a wrong purchase for a good while. I tried wearing it out a couple of times just because I felt I had to since I'd bought it, but I never actually thought I'd managed to make it look any good. I thus fell into thinking that the skirt simply was not for me, until I one day tried it on at random with my short-ish, black silk blouse (also worn at both weddings) and had a style epiphany: the reason the skirt had looked so wrong was that I'd been wearing it with the wrong kinds of tops! DUUUH! Tops worn with this type of skirt should never be so long that they layer on top of it -- unless, of course, you're deliberately seeking out that short-legged, wide-hipped mumsy look. So, from Acne's SS12 collection, here's a little further styling inspiration from me to me:

    All of this has also got me thinking that I definitely need more cropped styles to complement all of the high waisted styles in my wardrobe. Hmm!

    Sep 19, 2011

    A PERFECT NIGHT WITH THE SPECIALS (and I'm saying that as a perfectionist)

    I had the most spectacular night last Friday. I went to see The Specials at Vega, and it was the best show I've been to this year, no discussion. You know the kind of night where you're just hanging on every note in a state of genuine awe? It was like that. They played to perfection.

    I was also honoured to get the Devil's number in the wardrobe:

    It's even the second time in my life I've been given this number in a wardrobe. What's that about? It gets me thinking, you know? Like is it a coincidence or is it an Omen?

    Anyway, for my outfit -- of which I have no documentation -- I let myself be inspired by the cover of their first album The Specials from 1979:

    Let's just say, I wasn't the only one. I also keenly felt my lack of the perfect pair of brogues or loafers. It really is turning into a burning desire.

    Sep 12, 2011


    Bush, not Moss.

    I rate her among the greats in music. This is why - one of my favorite Kate Bush songs  from 1981:

    The video is also highly creative and proves that you don't need a truck-load of money to make a high impact music video as long as you bring shirtless men with horns, possessed dancing and roller skates to the table. Also, I urge any Kate lover to click here to read perhaps the most epic blog post made on the internet about her. It's littered with gifs that showcase her brilliant theatricality and also prove that gifs only ever really existed for Kate.

    All pictures snagged from Google Images.

    Sep 11, 2011

    Bottle Green vs. Classic Burwood

    The search for the investment pieces I'm acquiring in 2012 has already begun, and one of the things I'm looking for is the perfect pair of high-end brogues or loafers. If I really search my soul, I think it'll quite probably end up being the former I throw my money after, but that remains to be seen. So far, I have my eyes on two pairs of glossed leather brogues both from Church's:

    Pictures via: Net-a-Porter.

    Shiny, eh? I think I prefer the bottle green ones, but am not completely decided yet. Their design is simpler and I like that their bottle green hue has more depth. Moreover, I think the classic ones look weird (bad weird) from above and although it's only me that will be seeing them from that angle, it still matters to me, since, well, I'll be seeing them like that every time I look down. However, they might also just look weird because the laces have been tied too tightly. Anyhow, the jury's still out. So what do you think? And do you know where I can find great alternatives? Find these ones here and here.

    Sep 10, 2011


    This is what happened on my much anticipated trip to the charity shop yesterday: I went there early and was able to gather a small mountain of new interesting garments to accompany me to the changing room. Unfortunately, however, only one of the things I was drawn to fit me, so I had to leave the rest behind (let's not mention the red autumn coat from Burburry that was way too big on me). The thing that fit me was this black ghetto fabulous glittery cardigan from August Silk (it's not as grey as the picture wants it to be):

    It's 70% silk, 20% polyester and 10% metal, which obviously makes it a clear exception to my shopping rules. But who cares? It's GLITTAH! It's also unbelievably silky soft. Moreover, I think it traverses that famous thin line between taste and tastelessness that, in my opinion, makes for interesting dressing. I just have to wash it and then I'll show you how I'll wear it.

    Sep 9, 2011



    I piled on all of these layers last Friday, when all I felt like doing was swathing myself in the protective comforts of black fabric. I was feeling goth and wanted to channel a little bit of Death and a little bit of Mary-Kate. The most insistent result I got, however, was that I sweat like a pig. As you can see, I also struggle with feeling like a retard posing. The dress is a recent hand-me-down from a friend who's been cleaning out her closet. So yaar, thanks!

    Pictures: Style Breeder & Death in The Sandman by Neil Gaiman (drop me a line if you remember which collection it's from, I'm too lazy to flick through all ten of them right now)

    Sep 8, 2011


    My local charity shop has been closed for the past two days because they've been busy  changing out all of their clothes on account of the new season. They're re-opening tomorrow at 10am and I am beyond psyched. Just look at Trini's vintage shirt with pearl details:

    Fabulous garments could be waiting for me in there! So I'll be seeing you outside at five minutes to ten tomorrow. I'm missing nothing, d'ya hear me? N.O.T.H.I.N.G.

    About that Wackerhaus shirt...

    I just fell over this detail picture of the Wackerhaus shirt I blogged about here. I think it looks even better close up. It's the one item from the Copenhagen Fashion Week SS12 collections that refuses to die. Well, that and those Stine Goya shoes.

    Picture via: Anywho

    Sep 6, 2011


    Trying to stay on topic with my fall list and not just falling in love with beautiful items left and right, I'm currently eyeballing three great belts on ASOS from French fashion house Cacharel:

    I love their monochrome slickness. There's something so unexpected about matching the colours of belt and buckle. I'm having a hard time deciding which one to get though. Although I think I'd get the most wear out of the navy belt, I love the others at least just as much. I might even like the nude version best, just because its expression is so clean. I know what the sensible buy would be though, but who wants to listen to sense when they're in love? If I was a Francophile, I'd have no problem--I'd simply get all three of them and wear them together in the graphic order peach-nude-navy. It would be my off-colour nod to the tricolore. But, alas, I'm no Francophile. So what to do?

    Sep 5, 2011

    A Pretty White Shirt

    Here's my latest charity shop find, a white shirt from Day Birger et Mikkelsen (click to enlarge):

    It only just got out of the laundry basket where its been spending the better part of an eternity (I don't wash whites all that often). I got the shirt with a 50% discount because it had some stains on it, but I made the stains disappear by smearing them with liberal amounts of washing up liquid and throwing the shirt in the laundry basket, leaving the liquid to work its quiet magic there for a couple of months. The shirt has some really nice pleated details at the top. The pleats have been disturbed by bits of white thread that have been sewn across them at various points adding, for want of a better explanation, the prettiest sliced ruffled effect to the shirt.

    Sep 3, 2011

    signature hair is good for the face

    I used to hate getting my hair cut and always felt it took a long time to get used to it after it had been cut. Therefore, I didn't have my hair cut too often and always had it cut relatively short when I did. In my misguided state of mind, chopping off a good part of it meant that I could wait a very long time before I had to suffer the trauma of having it cut again. What I didn't realise at the time, however, was that "getting used to" my new hair really meant waiting until it had reached a length that suited my face. Somehow, I neglected being conscious of the moment my hair reached that exact length. Thankfully, that has all changed now. I now know what suits me and what doesn't and can give the hair dresser clear directions: cut the fringe in a straight line that just covers my eyebrows and the rest of the hair to just below the collar bone. It's incredible how much the right--and the wrong!--hair does to the face. It's enough to make me recognise any desire for change as irrational. Do you have a signature hairdo?

    dress MARC BY MARC JACOBS t-shirt ASOS

    (Yes, I need a haircut.)